dynamic days USA (Oct. 23-24)

American Starlinger-Sahm, Inc.
Southchase Industrial Park
11 Jack Casey Court
Fountain Inn, SC 29644 USA

Starlinger will showcase the latest technical developments of recycling equipment for textiles such as filament, fiber, tape and non-woven as well as PET bottle flakes recycling. 

  • The recoSTAR universal 65 H-VAC will be shown in production, processing bulk of Polyester fibers without pre-cutting. 
  • See its ease of operation and handling for yourself!
  • Introduction of the Starlinger candle filter RSC for Polyester fine filtration with samples of quick release sleeves and final rPET products.
  • Life demonstration of Sahm winding equipment for Polymer- and other fibers.
  • Showcase of the PET FIBC made from 100% rPET bottle flakes.

The dynamic days USA 2018 offer ample networking opportunities:
Talk with experts in the field, share know-how with clients of Starlinger recycling technology, and use this opportunity to intensify contacts with players in the plastics industry, throughout the value chain.

Before we will get down to business we will start off with an afternoon full of fun at the golf course or the bowling alley.