Roblon A/S, Denmark

Roblon is the world leader in the manufacturing of Rope Making, Twisting, and Winding Equipment.  Roblon is located in Saby Denmark and has been manufacturing high quality precision rope making machines since 1978.

Ropemaking Equipment
The rope making machines have the capability of manufacturing rope from 2 to 76 mm diameter.  A full range of machines are available with either internal or external take-up.

Twisting Equipment
Roblon offers twisting machines which can process yarns from 1,000 to 1,350,000 denier.  Their wide range of twisters is suitable for any customers' needs.

Winding Equipment
Roblon offers a wide range of take-up and flex winders.  The take-up winders are designed for precision winding of tapes following the extrusion process.  The flex winders are suitable for rewinding a wide range of different type materials.